Diabetic Wounds

【To Overcome Recurring Diabetic Wound】(Video)

June 22,2020

Ms. Cheung (aged 57), has medical history of diabetes mellitus and hypertension. In 2012, she had a blister developed over her right big toe which gradually deteriorated into an open ulcer. Initially she consulted a private doctor and was treated as athlete's foot (Hong Kong foot). She then visited HA OPD for further treatment but it did not work either. She was very concerned since the ulcer had not been healed for nearly a year.

She reached Nu Pro Nurse Centre for help. With specialized wound care service, advanced dressing and equipment, the ulcer had remarkable healing progress. Nurse Consultant Ms. May Ng also trained Ms. Cheung and her carers how to take care of the wound at home step-by-step. Finally, the wound healed in three weeks without any complications.

Few years later, Ms Cheung came to Nu Pro Nurse Centre again. Blisters and ulcers were developed over her feet. Fortunately, all wounds healed smoothly under the treatment provided in Nu Pro Nurse Centre.

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