PNS Clients' Comments

  • 95% Clients Satisfaction Rate

    Nu Pro emphasizes close bonding with our care-providers, so we can cope with emergency issues together for our clients: such as changes of confirmed duties (due to early discharge of patient from hospital)

    We try our best to arrange quality care-providers to take care of our patients. Care-providers with outstanding services are encouraged & rewarded. It is key to our excellent private nursing services!

  • Save Your Life in Time

    Care-provider Ms. Pak was matched with a home case of a PEG patient through Nu Pro. After knowing the patient's habits & temper, Ms Pak got along with her well. The patient remained relaxed and at ease when Ms. Pak was around her. The patient's peristomal skin conditions were also improved.

    One night, Ms. Pak noticed that the patient's heart rate went abnormal. Her family immediately sent her to the hospital. The doctor later told the family that the patient had hyperpotassemia which could have led to severe consequence if not reported in time.

  • PNS Clients Feedback

    "Care-provider Ms Wong is very proactive. She's professional & polite!" from Mrs. Chan.

    "Quality nursing service did help relieve our stress. Your staff was very efficient in matching care-providers when we requested help." from Ms. Law.

    "Your staff really listened and understood our needs. We like the care-provider very much." from Mr. Tse.

    "Care-provider Ms. Yeung is tender loving to my mum. Thank you so much!" from Ms. Wong.

    "Care-provider Ms. Tin takes my mother well." from Ms. Lai.

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